Alternative, Lead-Free Ammo is Extremely Effective

The monolithic design of copper bullets results in consistent, rapid expansion, which - in combination with excellent weight retention and penetration - results in bullets that crush bone on impact and lead to massive organ and tissue disruption, as well as a sizable exit wound.

Advancements in technology have led to a large number of manufacturers producing a variety of calibers and bullet weights using either 100% copper or gilding metal construction.

It Ensures the Highest Quality Meat from a Harvest

One of the main reasons we hunt is so we can put high quality meat on the table. Because lead is heavy and malleable, it's been a logical, effective choice for bullets for many years. But, no one intended for it to end up in our food. Fragments from lead rifle bullets can peel off as a bullet passes through an animal and lodge in tissue as much as 14 inches from the point of bullet entry. While the fragments are most prevalent in ground meat, they can also be found in cuts throughout a harvested animal.

It Furthers Conservation

Hunters are the original conservationists and have provided resources needed to effectively manage wildlife in the United States. The hunting community has a tradition of being proactive in regulating themselves in the face of wildlife-related issues, taking initiative towards the creation of hunting quotas and the movement towards non-toxic shot for waterfowl. Ethical hunting practices such as fair chase and the sustainable harvest of game are consistent with the use of lead-free ammunition, which reduces the potential for secondary loss of wildlife such as bald eagles (due to the ingestion of lead particles left behind in gutpiles). The use of lead-free ammo promotes the hunting community's responsibility and continues our tradition of wildlife conservation.