The Ethical Hunter

The hunting community has a long-standing tradition of high ethical standards and of being proactive in the face of wildlife-related issues.  As an increasing number of scientific studies reveal the negative effects of lead exposure to wildlife, the voluntary use of lead-free ammo will help to continue the hunting community's history of conservation.

Many studies conducted since the 1950s have assessed the effects of lead exposure to wildlife. The results are similar to those that have been found in studies that examine the risk to humans from lead exposure, which have been conducted consistently during the last 120 years. These results have definitively shown that ingestion or inhalation of lead dust and particles can negatively impact animals' physiology, especially nervous system function.

During the last ten years, awareness of the potential for lead exposure to wildlife from inadvertent ingestion of lead bullet fragments has gained recognition by hunters, wildlife researchers, public health officials, and veterinarians. Further studies are currently underway to better understand the potential for wildlife health risks, and states have already begun recommending the switch to lead-free ammunition.


State Regulations Concerning the Use of Lead-Free Ammunition

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Scientific Publications

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