Reviews By Bullet Type

Many reviews have been written about various types of lead-free bullets, many of which are made of 100% copper or gilding metal (95% copper / 5% zinc) and exhibit very little fragmentation.

Below are links to reviews written by outdoor writers, on-line retail customers, and hunting bloggers.

Rifle Ammunition

Hornady GMX

Nosler eTip
(Loaded by Winchester and Nosler Custom)

Barnes Triple Shock
(Loaded by Federal Premium and in the Barnes VOR-TX line)
VOR-TX® 2012 American Hunter Award

Trophy Grade

Winchester Power Core 95/5

Winchester Razorback XT

Winchester Ballistic Silvertip Lead Free Varmint (Tie)

Remington Premier Copper-Solid

DRT (Dynamic Research Technologies) Frangible

Shotgun Slugs/Buckshot



Remington Premier Copper-Solid Sabot Slug

Winchester xp3

Winchester Super X Lead-Free Rifled Slug

Hevi-Shot Sabot Slug

Buck Shot

Hevi-Shot Dead Coyote

Hornady .17 hrm

Winchester .22 super x lead free

Hornady .22 magnum ntx


Copper Bullet Comparisons & Reloading

Muzzle Loading

Barnes Expander


Thor Bullets

Hunting Blogs

The following excellent blogs written by sportsmen and women who have been following the lead-free ammo movement and have personal experience relating to both lead and lead-free bullet performance and accuracy.